About LGBT HealthLink

LGBT HealthLink, a program of CenterLink, is a community-driven network of experts and professionals enhancing LGBT health by reducing tobacco, cancer, and other health disparities within our communities. We are one of eight CDC-funded cancer and tobacco disparity networks. We link people and information to promote adoption of best practices in health departments and community organization to reduce LGBT cancer and tobacco disparities.

We advance these issues by linking people and information to educate on best practices. We maintain a virtual forum of LGBT tobacco and wellness professionals, encouraging them to share lessons and jointly monitor gaps in the arena. We gather and maintain a promising practice clearinghouse through our website. We directly train state health departments or other decision makers in LGBT cultural competency and forge bridges between them and local LGBT health specialists. We actively monitor national and state health decision makers and urge community action when there is an opportunity to enhance LGBT wellness.

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A grassroots Network: Igniting and channeling passion through facilitating effective collaboration, communication, mobilization and advocacy, and public policy to create more socially just and healthier communities for LGBTQ people.

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