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Enhancing LGBT health by eliminating tobacco use, & health disparities

One of the ways LGBT HealthLink helps to create more just and healthier communities is to maintain a clearinghouse of resources and materials. We are excited to offer the following. Downloadable free resources are availabe on If you are not already a member it's free to join!

Healthcare Bill Of Rights

Image of the Healthcare Bill of RightsWhat rights do LGBT people have right now when you go see a healthcare provider? Do hospitals prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity? Find out these and more answers... The Healthcare Bill of Rights

HealthLink BLog

image of LGBT HealthLink blogUpdated nearly every weekday, our LGBT HealthLink Blog is chock full of information, news, photos, and more. Take a look and subscribe to keep up with the latest.


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2015 Steering committee E-Summit

2015 E-Summit logoIn October, 2015, LGBT HealthLink and its Steering Committee held their first ever E-Summit, sharing information and best practices around LGBT tobacco and cancer issues, healthcare rights, and much more. We've collected webinar videos, presentations, and many downloadable materials so that you can be a part of this important work too.

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Achieving Health Equity in Tobacco Control

Image of report cover

We're pretty excited about the Surgeon General's 50th Anniversary Executive Committee Workgroup on Disparities documents we helped create.

These documents pull together top level information about every disparity population to make the case in one short paper. We have never had anything this comprehensive out at once.

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Resource Library

We are in the process of updating our extensive document repository. Until it is re-curated, re-organized, and re-optimized to help you find exactly what you may be looking for, we suggest you swing by the exisiting resource library at