2015 Steering Committee E-Summit

2015 Sterring Committee E-Summit graphic

LGBT HealthLink's Steering Committee and staff held its first ever E-Summit. This two day event was the first of its kind. We presented three topics Thursday, October 15, 2015:

  • LGBT Rights in Health Care at 3pm EST
  • Cancer Burden in the LGBT Communities at 4pm EST
  • Intersectionality and Health Disparities at 5:15pm EST 

 Then continued Friday, October 16, 2015:

  • Tobacco in LGBT Communities at 4pm EST

E-summit replay

Couldn't make the E-Summit? We've got that covered. Watch the video recordings we have, one for each day, on Vimeo or you may download an MP4 file to your device to watch at a later time. We've also provided you with PDF files of all the materials referenced during each session below.


Thursday Video

Watch all sessions from Thursday's E-Summit - Oct. 15, 2015.

Thursday Downloads

SESSION: 3:00-3:45 pm EST, Thursday – LGBT Rights in Health Care

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Corey Prachniak, JD, Chair of LGBT HealthLink Steering Committee
Scout, PhD, Director of LGBT HealthLink

Description: What rights to LGBT people enjoy in accessing healthcare? What can they do to make sure that they get the best care possible, especially in the face of discriminatory or poor care? Two of the authors of the Healthcare Bill of Rights, HealthLink's Scout and Corey, provide an update on the state of LGBT rights in healthcare.

SESSION: 4:00-5:00 pm EST, Thursday – Cancer Burden in the LGBT Community

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Scout, PhD, Director of LGBT HealthLink – Brief Overview
Liz James, CEO, Lesbian Health Initiative (LHI)
Jessica R. Hyde, MS, CHES, Program Specialist IV - Texas Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Description: The LGBT Cancer 101 session will provide an overview and basic understanding of health disparities and cancer burdens disproportionately impacting LGBT persons. Session attendees will gain a basic understanding of the framework and methods utilized to assess and address cancer in the US, how that framework provides the key addressing LGBT gaps, and what we must all do to help accelerate the process.

SESSION: 5:15-6:15 pm EST, Thursday – Intersectionality and Health Disparities

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Facilitator: Emmett Patterson, Steering Committee

Dennis Rivera-Cash, Steering Committee
Larry Kairaiuak, Steering Committee
Emmett Patterson, Steering Committee
Juan Carlos Vega, Policy Manager at LGBT HealthLink

Description: LGBT health disparities are exacerbated by the fact that LGBT people live at the intersection of many different identities, often with disparities of their own. This session will explore the intersectionalities between LGBT identities and disparities and those of people with disabilities, communities of color, and priority populations as identified by public health officials.


Friday Video

Watch the video from Friday's E-Summit, Oct. 16, 2015

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SESSION: 4:00-5:00 pm EST, Friday –We’re a Movement, Not a Market! Tobacco in LGBTQ Communities

Facilitator: Becky Wright, Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, Oregon

Jenna Wintemberg, Faculty – Department of Health Sciences, University of Missouri
JamieLou Delavan, State Minority Health Specialist & Cultural Liaison, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare
Shor, Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
Juan Carlos Vega, Policy Manager at LGBT HealthLink

Description: Tobacco companies have called the LGBTQ community an "area of opportunity" and spend billions of dollars advertising in LBGT magazines and bars and at pride events to promote the idea that smoking is a ‘part of being gay’. As a result, LGBT people smoke at rates 50-200% higher than the rest of the population, and the American Cancer Society estimates that 30,000 LGBT people die from tobacco-related illness each year. This presentation will expose the deadly tobacco industry campaign in LBGTQ communities and discuss steps being taken by health advocates to reduce tobacco use in targeted communities through social norms, counter marketing and policy. We're a movement, not a market!